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If you’ve been weight training for a decent amount of time, you’ve probably moved out of the “honeymoon phase” with the gym…

Wake up early.

Load up the barbell.

Bust your butt.

Get on with your day.

Same old, same old.

And if you’re relatively new to working out, chances are you’ll wind up with more of a “just going about the daily routine” attitude at some point…

Or in other words, you’ll hit a workout rut, just like all experienced weight lifters have.


Unfortunately these kinds of funks can cause lots of guys to lose motivation, fall into a cycle of effortless gym sessions and miss out on muscle gains.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

When you get stuck in a workout rut, don’t wait it out…

Climb out.

Here are 4 easy ways to get out of your workout rut.

Intentionally Mix It Up

This one may seem obvious, but how many times have you gone to the gym and hit the same benches, the same machines, and the same power racks…

With the same agenda and the same exercise list…

Probably quite a bit, right?

We all have those favorite exercises that just feel right: We feel a good pump when we perform the movement…

And we have those exercises that just look right: We take the dumbbells over to that side of the gym with the mirror and the killer lighting because something about the aesthetics makes us look like Hercules.

But when you’re stuck in a workout rut, you need to be willing to change things up a bit.

become more vascular

The same old bench, the same old cables, heck, the same old incredible lighting just won’t do…

So you need to intentionally mix things up.

Plan your workout before you get to the gym…

Deliberately decide on exercises that you don’t normally do.

If on Monday you always go straight to barbell bench once you walk in the gym, try doing dumbbell fly’s first.

If you always do barbell upright-rows for your vertical pull, jump on the cable tower and do them with a curl bar instead…

You haven’t exhausted all of the options your gym has to offer…

So it’s up to you to mix it up.

Call Up A Buddy

Sometimes you just need to hit the gym by yourself, am I right?

You’re focused when you walk in, and adding chit-chat in between sets will only distract you…

But when you’re stuck in a workout rut, gym sessions can be a little droning.

You need something to break up the monotony of putting weights on a bar, stripping the weight off, putting more weights on the bar, stripping it… well, you get the picture.

So give one of your buddies a ring…


From experience, I can tell you that some of the best workouts are those where you have good camaraderie.

Not only will you have a friend there to break up the “same old” cycle, but you’ll also have someone there to help motivate you, encourage you, and even spot you so that you can try to lift heavier weight, or go for that extra rep without worrying about dropping the bar on your head.

I also recommend making some friendships with some of the other guys at your gym, especially the guys that you see day-in and day-out busting their butt.

They won’t let you slack off.

Some community will do you some good in the gym every once in a while, if not, all the while.

Switch Up Your Playlist

You’d be surprised at how much changing your workout playlist can impact your relationship with the gym…

Especially when you’re in a workout rut.

When you first started working out to your most recent playlist, every song on the rotation probably motivated you.

And I bet every song was in just the right spot to give you a surge of energy when you needed it the most.

But after time, just like anything else, your playlist becomes familiar.

You lose interest in some of the songs, and it just doesn’t give you the motivation you need to move some weight around.

So this one’s simple.

Put together a new playlist that you’re excited to listen to…

It’s really that simple.

See Results

Whether you’ve lifted weights for a few months or a few decades, workout ruts happen…

And I think the primary reason they happen is because you’ve simply started to see some drop off in your progress…

Your struggling to build muscle the way you thought you would…

Your diet is costing you muscle growth…

Whatever the case may be, when you don’t see results you lose motivation.

Results are important to keeping you in the gym for the long haul, which is why I wrote the book Bulk Up Fast

The entire book is devoted to help you see quick and consistent results in the gym...

And I want you to have it for free so that you’ll see progress and stay motivated.

Grab a free copy of Bulk Up Fast here.

Keep up the hard work!

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