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The most impactful forerunner to your workout isn’t your morning coffee…

It isn’t the 10 minutes of stretching you do before you hit the squat rack…

It actually takes place way before then…

The night before to be exact.

Your pre-bed routine is the key to a successful workout the following morning.

So how do you make the most of the “night before” so you can make the most muscle and strength gains in the gym the following morning?

Just implement this easy to follow formula:

Plan Your Workout

The moment you walk into the gym is not the time to plan out your workout for the day…

First of all, you’ll be anxious to get right to the weights. Secondly, you’ll base your workout plan around how busy the gym is, what equipment is free, what’s being used, and even how you’re feeling mid-session.

So instead, get your workout plan on paper the night before…

This way your goals for the morning aren’t based on any other factors except for how you’ve prepared to push yourself, and you’ll have more clarity for what exercises you want to perform, and the volume you’re going to perform.

When you write down your goals, you’re more likely to stick to them…

So plan out your workout the evening before you train so that you can prepare to crush some weight and make major progress.

Eat Protein and Carbs

Before bed, consume a slow digesting protein such as a couple of glasses of milk, yogurt, or a scoop or two of casein protein in milk or water…

These slow digesting protein sources will help your muscles to recover while you sleep, and even provide them with amino acids for the killer workout you have planned the following morning.

Also make it a point to eat fast digesting carbohydrates before bed…

Fast digesting carbs give you a “sugar rush” which will then turn around and knock you out…

This way, when you go to shut out the lights, your cortisol levels (stress hormone) will be low, your mind will wander less, and you’ll have no problem falling asleep when your head hits the pillow.

Take Pine Pollen

Pine pollen has developed a pretty impressive reputation for itself as an herb that guarantees morning wood, and is nature’s anabolic steroid…


Because pine pollen contains organic testosterone in it, making it a safe, powerful, and muscle-building herb that can give you a serious anabolic advantage in your workouts.

In order to understand the effect of androgens on body composition and muscle strength, a group of Australian physicians measured the fat-free mass, fat mass, and bone density and muscle strength of 13 healthy men from 21-37 years old.

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, revealed that a 200mg testosterone prescription (which increased testosterone levels by 91.1%), led to a 9.6% increase in lean muscle mass and 16.2% reduction in body fat.

So the bottom line is that a testosterone boost will do you some good in the gym…

Pick up some pine pollen powder here and take it before bed so that you’ll get an extra anabolic boost at the time when your body makes most of its testosterone (while you sleep).

This way, you’ll walk into the gym energized, and ready to throw some weight around.

Grab pine pollen here!

Cool Down Your Bedroom

You don’t want to have any trouble falling asleep and staying asleep when it’s finally time to turn out the lights…

And in order to have the best possible sleep, you need to keep your bedroom cool.

You know from experience that when your bedroom is too hot, you toss and turn, sweat, and wake up constantly…

So turn down your thermostat, turn on your fan, leave a door or window open…

Do whatever you need to do in order to keep your room chilly, because the better quality of sleep you get, the better your workout will be in the morning.

10 Hours Of Sleep

You should plan to get somewhere between 8-10 hours of sleep every night if you want to have the most optimal workout in the morning.

You might be thinking, “8-10 hours? How? No one does that anymore!”

Here’s the bottom line…

You prioritize those things that you think are important.

If having a killer morning workout is important to you, you’ll realize that sleep is an essential part of your success…

So you need to prioritize sleep.

Your body needs sleep in order to recover from your last workout and to prepare for the next.

Shoot for 10 hours of quality sleep…

But if you fall somewhere between 8-10, you’ll be well off to wake up and have a killer morning workout.

If you need help getting deep and rejuvenating sleep, grab my scientifically formulated natural sleep enhancing testosterone booster, PITCH BLACK. 

Next Step

So there you have it, guys…

The pre-bed formula for a killer morning workout.

Implement this formula every night to see the best success during your workouts each and every day.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to pick up some Pitch Black for yourself.

The anabolic sleep benefits will make for some huge strength and muscle gains!

Check it out for yourself here.

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