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Shredded-12 Fat Loss
Shredded-12 Fat Loss


Shredded-12 Fat Loss

Shredded-12 Fat Loss is the only science-based fat loss program of its kind that protects your hard-earned muscle mass and strength and gives you a shredded physique in just 12-weeks.





Losing weight is simple. All you have to do is eat less and move more. But your goal isn’t to get skinny. It’s to get shredded.

Burning fat while maintaining hard-earned muscle mass and strength is complex. And if you’ve spent months or years packing on size in the gym, it’d be a shame to lose most of it when you decide to start cutting away body fat. Yet, that’s the problem most guys run into…

They don’t know how to strip away layers of body fat while retaining as much muscle as possible to get a truly head-turning physique.

But that’s why we created Shredded-12 Fat Loss.

Shredded-12 Fat Loss is a 12-week 100% science backed approach to losing body fat while holding on to all of your gains.

Inside Shredded-12 Fat Loss you’ll get…

The option to follow our Shredded-12 Fat Loss flexible dieting protocol… or Shredded-12 done-for-you meal plans… You’ll have access to both but the choice is yours!

The complete Shredded-12 Physique workout protocol with all of the exercises, sets, reps and rest times laid out for you in a clear and simple format.

The 7 most common fat loss mistakes that leave guys who spent months and years building muscle in the gym looking skinny, weak and flat when they start a “cutting phase.”

How to eat cake and get shredded using a very simple science-based approach that makes every calorie count towards maintaining muscle and torching body fat.

The Shredded Physique workout guidelines… cardio… training progression… and no-nonsense supplement stack.

9 fat loss hacks that are so effective you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

How to calculate your personal fat-shredding macros so that you keep hard-earned muscle mass while stripping away body fat as quickly as possible.

The macronutrient “Golden Ratio” scientifically proven to keep stacks of muscle on your physique while the fat melts away.

The science-backed formula for exactly when to time your meals (especially delicious high carb meals) so the sugar repairs muscle tissue instead of storing away as body fat.

And so much more…

Shredded-12 Fat Loss is the only science-based fat loss program of its kind that protects your hard-earned muscle mass and strength and gives you a shredded physique in just 12-weeks.

This thoroughly researched approach to getting shredded (not skinny) is perfect for intermediate and advanced lifters who want ditch body fat and show off their true muscle gains over the months and years. We’ll show you exactly how to do it with Shredded-12 Fat Loss.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Really great program.

Really enjoying the program so far. Can't wait for my first workout tonight.

I'm 45 and I am currently 260lbs at 5ft 10in. I have to lose about 80lbs until I am considered even close to my "ideal" weight.

I have full access to a 24/7 Powerlifting gym so there are no excuses. Time to go get it.

luca stallone

This program is very well explained and simple to follow. The workouts are perfect and the diet does not feel restrictive. I have lost 6 lbs in 30 days and the weights have increased every week. Amazing program.

John Gumaer
Shredded program

It’s packed with information I’ve already done their mass 5 workout so I knew I’d enjoy that side of the shredded program. I didn’t realize how packed with information about my diet and how to stay on top of it this program would have. I’ll use that information forever as always another great product muscle monsters.


this program is sick i just finished week 4 and i love it xD i have bought Mass 5 too and cant wait to try that too

jorge villalobos

I’m on week 5 and I’m liking it.

Hi Jorge, thank you so much for posting your great review of the program! We are happy to hear that you are progressing on it and are liking the program. We are grateful for your trust and confidence in our products. At Muscle Monsters, your satisfaction is our priority. :-)