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Shredded-12 Fat Loss
Shredded-12 Fat Loss


Shredded-12 Fat Loss

Shredded-12 Fat Loss is the only science-based fat loss program of its kind that protects your hard-earned muscle mass and strength and gives you a shredded physique in just 12-weeks.





Losing weight is simple. All you have to do is eat less and move more. But your goal isn’t to get skinny. It’s to get shredded.

Burning fat while maintaining hard-earned muscle mass and strength is complex. And if you’ve spent months or years packing on size in the gym, it’d be a shame to lose most of it when you decide to start cutting away body fat. Yet, that’s the problem most guys run into…

They don’t know how to strip away layers of body fat while retaining as much muscle as possible to get a truly head-turning physique.

But that’s why we created Shredded-12 Fat Loss.

Shredded-12 Fat Loss is a 12-week 100% science backed approach to losing body fat while holding on to all of your gains.

Inside Shredded-12 Fat Loss you’ll get…

The option to follow our Shredded-12 Fat Loss flexible dieting protocol… or Shredded-12 done-for-you meal plans… You’ll have access to both but the choice is yours!

The complete Shredded-12 Physique workout protocol with all of the exercises, sets, reps and rest times laid out for you in a clear and simple format.

The 7 most common fat loss mistakes that leave guys who spent months and years building muscle in the gym looking skinny, weak and flat when they start a “cutting phase.”

How to eat cake and get shredded using a very simple science-based approach that makes every calorie count towards maintaining muscle and torching body fat.

The Shredded Physique workout guidelines… cardio… training progression… and no-nonsense supplement stack.

9 fat loss hacks that are so effective you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

How to calculate your personal fat-shredding macros so that you keep hard-earned muscle mass while stripping away body fat as quickly as possible.

The macronutrient “Golden Ratio” scientifically proven to keep stacks of muscle on your physique while the fat melts away.

The science-backed formula for exactly when to time your meals (especially delicious high carb meals) so the sugar repairs muscle tissue instead of storing away as body fat.

And so much more…

Shredded-12 Fat Loss is the only science-based fat loss program of its kind that protects your hard-earned muscle mass and strength and gives you a shredded physique in just 12-weeks.

This thoroughly researched approach to getting shredded (not skinny) is perfect for intermediate and advanced lifters who want ditch body fat and show off their true muscle gains over the months and years. We’ll show you exactly how to do it with Shredded-12 Fat Loss.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I started the shredded-12 program 1 month and a half. I am starting to see the results. For the record, i started my fat-loss diet and exercises at the gym last year the 1rst of august. Until now i lost 19 kilos. Since this new plan i lost 3 kilos. I tried several different plans since august. This one seems to match my goals. I lift heavier than before, i added more biceps, triceps and abs exercises. I can even do 4-5 chin-ups/pull-ups. So it is encouraging me to continue to reach my final goal. I also added some fasting during the rest days.

Great Stuff

Definitely worth the purchase. Very thorough and not a bunch of B.S. like other programs. Buy it. A little more variance in the routines might be a cherry on top but very good stuff and a good value.

Sean Clegg
Shredded Program

Informative. Nicely sequenced workout. Easy to follow and effective.

Nicholas G

I’m currently starting my 7th of 12 weeks with this program. I’m already down 2% in body fat and up 4lbs of muscle. The exercises are classic, no wonky or weird stuff that you see on Instagram. Follow the RPE scale and try to hit your macros and you will see results.

Richard Shields
Great product

I enjoy the MM youtube videos and I knew this product would not disappoint. I like the workout schedule provided. I'm moving into week 3 and feel pretty good about it, strength is still up and gaining actually. I do take an extra rest day when I need it and then resume the schedule - just giving myself all the rest I feel I need to keep my intensity up. The diet plan also is very good, exactly what you would want in a great program. After many years of training and dieting on my own, following other plans, I'd rate this purchase as top notch. These guys are worth your attention!