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Mass-5 Full Body Workout
Mass-5 Full Body Workout


Mass-5 Full Body Workout

This is a groundbreaking approach to putting on MASS for intermediate and advanced lifters. We’ll show you exactly how to do it inside Mass-5 Full Body.



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A lot of guys think full body workouts are for beginners trying to put on their first few pounds of muscle. But scientifically speaking, full body workouts are the king of mass-building training programs.

That’s why we created Mass-5 Full Body.

Research published in the journal Sport Medicine found training each muscle group at least 2x per week is optimal for building muscle mass. [1]

And another study from the same research team discovered a direct relationship between how often a muscle is trained and how much it grows.

They concluded that as long as you recover properly, the more volume you perform per muscle group, the more that muscle group will grow. [2]

Even better, a 2019 study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance found training each muscle group several times per week works better for intermediate and advanced lifters — because the more experienced you are, the harder it is to stimulate muscle protein synthesis to attain maximal growth. But by training muscle groups several times per week, intermediate and advanced lifters will increase protein synthesis for more muscle mass. [3]

A study called the Norwegian Frequency Project even discovered that training the same muscle groups 6x per week compared to 3x per week with the same exact volume…

Lead to double the strength gains on squat and bench press and massively increased muscle size. [4] And the “Repeated Bout Effect” of training the same muscle groups several days per week actually improved muscle recovery. [5]

It’s a simple evidence-based fact that several full body workouts per week are the best way for intermediate and advanced lifters to pack on muscle mass. And are superior to the typical “bro split.”

That’s why Mass-5 Full Body features five full body workouts — based on the research above — to maximize muscle gains in the shortest amount of time possible. This is a groundbreaking approach to putting on MASS for intermediate and advanced lifters. We’ll show you exactly how to do it inside Mass-5 Full Body.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Spann
In Week 5

So far all has been going well, I have a home gym so had to modify a few exercises, and when I contacted MM got an immediate response and was told that they would walk and talk me through any other changes that might come up. I really feel that this program is helping based on my results over 5 week

Brad Ewerth

I purchased haven’t received many login instructions. Just a receipt of purchase

Seth F

never got the book....only the pdf. Don't know if I read what I was buying incorrect. Haven't had anyone answer my query after several

Cleaster Coats
I you Appreciate Structure

Being military retired I believe in structure. This workout has just the structure I can appreciate. I'm no spring chicken but I have been lifting weights for quite some time and was beginning get into a slump. I really believe my workouts have been recharged. This a very good workout plan.

Nick Rosales
Great Program!

I've tried so many programs for the past 10 years and this so far is the best one! It's very easy to follow and I must say, you will improve safely! Which I really really like!