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Attractive Older Man-min.jpeg__PID:9f5db144-b507-4e80-aeb0-685f34a3686b

For “Man Of Steel” Hardness, Head-Turning Muscle Pumps, And A Ripped Body That Looks Good - Clothes ON, or OFF

Groundbreaking research confirms there’s one shrinkage hormone that’s making you lose muscle and go “soft” in the bedroom. It…

Shrinks testosterone levels ( top men’s health clinics found when this hormone is active it gobbles up the molecules that make testosterone)... 1

Crushes libido (this hormone virtually “deletes” the arousal centers in your brain)... 2

Softens erections (it constricts blood vessels so blood can’t get to your “member” when you and her are trying to have some fun)... 3

Older Man Push Ups.jpeg__PID:5ecb95f5-9c3d-434d-8b82-0dda20b124d3

Piles pounds of stubborn fat onto your belly, chest, and love handles (multiple studies confirm when this hormone is active, your body goes into “weight gain” mode)... 4

The shrinkage hormone has also been linked to low energy, depression, heart disease, and increased risk of death! 5 6 7

So the best use of the next few minutes is to read through this page and discover what this man-crushing hormone is…

And more importantly, how to stop it in its tracks…

And restore your T levels, bedroom performance, and energy… while hardening up your muscles and increasing strength… 8 9 10

And how to do it in this shocking new way… by eating a handful of ingredients that’ve been stuffed inside a GUMMY… and have helped hundreds of thousands, if not millions of men HARDEN-UP from head to toe.

It sounds nuts, but…


Eat These Ingredients Before Even Thinking About Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

That’s right, the herbs stuffed inside this delicious gummy are so powerful for boosting testosterone and sex drive that they’re contending against big pharma’s synthetic pills.

Gummies Candy-min.jpg__PID:95f59c3d-e34d-4b82-8dda-20b124d3ef52

You don’t need to change up your diet or training routine either. This is BETTER at unleashing testosterone than diet or exercise…

And if you love working out… the star ingredient in this chewy gummy was shown to DOUBLE chest and arm size… and strip off body fat TWICE AS FAST. 12

I was just as skeptical as you are…

After all, we've been told candy is bad for you. But…

This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Gummy “Candy”…

This “candy” will make you HARD all over. Hard muscle. Hard erections. Heck, it’ll even help you focus harder at your office job and push harder in the gym.

Before I tell you exactly how it works, take a second and think about how you’ve felt lately.

If You Answer “Yes” To Any Of The Questions Below Then This Dangerous Hormone Is Doing Serious Damage… And Needs To Be Stopped!

Do you wake up without “morning wood” most days of the week?

Do you feel tired throughout the day - relying on coffee or energy drinks to perk you up?

Does it feel harder to build muscle and lose fat than in your 20s or 30s?

Do you sometimes have trouble getting “it” up or keeping “it” up in the bedroom?

Do you feel less motivated to workout… and sometimes your workouts feel crappy?

Do you feel stressed during the day - maybe like your blood is “boiling” when you’re stuck in traffic, or when your boss piles more work on your plate?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above… this shrinkage hormone has taken your testosterone levels hostage

It’s also squeezing shut your arteries and blood vessels… making it harder to “get hard” in bed and potentially setting you up for a massive heart attack. 13

More on exactly what this dangerous hormone is in a minute…

Low Libido-min.jpg__PID:9c3de34d-4b82-4dda-a0b1-24d3ef525b37

The good news is millions of men have used the ingredients in this sweet gummy to crush the hormone that’s killing them from the inside…

Yeah - it’s crazy that something as “childish” as “candy” can give you big muscle pumps and make her scream your name in bed

But everything I’m saying is backed by the latest science… and thanks to a little bit of innovation…

This Gummy Is All You Need For Rock Hard Arms And Abs… And A Stiffy So Big She Might Freak Out Next Time She Sees It…

But listen big pharma has already caught wind of this. Like you’d imagine, they’re not happy. They’ll stoop very low to snuff out the excitement about this new gummy…

I mean, you could eat a sweet gummy candy or get a shot at a doctor's office once a month to boost your T…

What would you choose?

Couple In Bed-min.jpg__PID:e34d4b82-0dda-40b1-a4d3-ef525b370b90

Every dude is choosing a gummy over a shot… and big pharma knows that… so it’s just a matter of time before they try to shut down this page.

So stay keep reading… you’ll want to grab as many of these gummies as you can because big pharma’s gunning for us.

I can tell you for a fact, this is the easiest and most fun way to take back control of your body and performance…

Crush the shrinkage hormone that’s been draining you dry of testosterone for years, if not decades…

Pack on lean, rippling muscle mass - bigger arms, a broader chest, plus eye-popping vascularity snaking down your biceps and forearms…

Get harder erections that spring into action and keep the fun going as long as you want…

Shred stubborn fat around your gut and ditch the “man boobs” - heck, even chisel up your jawline…

And feel younger and more alive - like you’ve got a new lease on life… you’re bursting with energy, stamina for workouts and hobbies, and you feel like an animal in bed…

All because you’ll finally fight this hormone that you didn’t realize was doing so much damage. 

Hey, I’m Alain Gonzalez

An author, coach, and head of the biggest men over 40 YouTube channel in the world.

I’m proud to say over the last decade that Muscle Monsters has become a movement… and we’re not slowing down for a second.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve gone through some changes myself…

I’m an active guy. I hit the gym, train in BJJ, I’m also a dad and new grandfather… throw business owner and trainer on top of that and I’ve got a ton going on.

That’s when I learned about this shrinkage hormone - the hard way. Not too long ago…

Alain Boat-min.jpeg__PID:4b820dda-20b1-44d3-af52-5b370b90ec03

I Started Seeing Some Changes That, Quite Frankly, Pissed Me Off And Humiliated Me…

I was waking up tired. Felt foggy throughout the day. Even though I know Red Bull and Monster are terrible for me, I’d crack one open at noon for a quick buzz of energy…

My workouts were suffering. I wasn’t motivated. When I’d look in the mirror, my body was looking “soft” in ways I hadn’t seen in years.


I thought it was just a bump in the road. But the final straw was when I started having problems in bed.

First I noticed I wasn't waking up with “morning wood” like I used to. But after a few disappointing nights, I had to figure out what the hell was going on…

Because no matter what we tried, my “pride” was as limp as cooked ramen. Now…

Here at Muscle Monsters, I’m all about using scientifically-proven ways to get in shape.

So one night while my wife and kids were asleep, I figured I’d do the same for my own problems…

And dig into the science behind what’s happening in my body that’s causing the extra body fat, fatigue, and softness in the bedroom…

That’s When I Came Across Reports About This Shrinkage Hormone: CORTISOL.


You’ve probably heard of cortisol before, but not like this

Cortisol is your “survival” hormone. It triggers the fight-or-flight response. You need it when you lift weights, face a challenge, or flee from danger.

So… Cortisol is good sometimes

But the big problem for men these days is that your body is releasing cortisol almost all the time.

In fact studies show male cortisol levels get higher as you age… 14


Think of all the times you feel stressed or overworked. Or when you’ve stayed up late. Or all the time you spend looking at screens. Or when you’ve eaten processed foods and sugars. Or drank too much coffee…

Your body responds to all of that by driving-up cortisol levels… 15 16 17 18 19

And that’s on top of the normal increase in cortisol as you get older…

From stress, bills, busy schedules, and difficult relationships… it just builds and BUILDS… 20

By Now Your Cortisol Levels Are Way Higher Than They Used To Be And It’s Only Getting Worse. Here’s What It’s Doing To You:

Cortisol Crushes Testosterone

Think of cortisol and testosterone like a gas and brake.

Testosterone is the gas pedal, accelerating your muscle gains and fat burning… boosting energy and sex drive…

But when your body releases cortisol, it’s like slamming on the brake pedal. 21

It stops testosterone production (because cortisol feeds on the “building blocks” of testosterone)...

And just like in a car, it doesn’t matter how hard you step on the gas… if your foot is on the brake you won’t get anywhere…

So when cortisol is active, it doesn’t matter how hard you train or how clean of a diet you eat, you can’t kick things in gear.

Cortisol and test-min.jpeg__PID:0dda20b1-24d3-4f52-9b37-0b90ec037ca5
Catabolic Muscles.jpg__PID:20b124d3-ef52-4b37-8b90-ec037ca5ce80

Cortisol Cannibalizes Muscle

Cortisol is called a “catabolic” hormone. “Catabolic” means to “break down”.

When your cortisol levels are up it breaks down muscle tissue. 22 Now…

You already know that when you train, you break down muscle in the gym. Then, after your workout, your body recovers and builds that muscle back up. But…

When cortisol levels are elevated, it keeps eating away at your muscle tissue so your body never has the chance to repair itself. In fact…

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology found men with higher cortisol levels were twice as likely to lose muscle and strength compared to guys with lower cortisol levels. 23

Catabolic Muscles.jpg__PID:20b124d3-ef52-4b37-8b90-ec037ca5ce80

Cortisol Creates Stubborn Fat

Remember, cortisol is a “survival” hormone…

When you’re stressed, cortisol stores fat to keep you alive. 24 See…

Sometimes cortisol interprets stress as if your body is going through a famine…

So to keep you alive it piles on fat “reserves” so that, just in case you run out of food, your body has lots of fat to feed on.

It’s trying to help… but it’s making it impossible for you to lose fat… and as long as your cortisol levels are elevated…

It takes the calories you eat and creates new fat stores where it stockpiles those calories for future use.

ortisol Creates Stubborn Fat.jpg__PID:0dab80c1-9d8e-4fdf-97d7-8bf1dd6692d8
Cortisol Kills Sex Drive.jpg__PID:7d0dab80-c19d-4eef-9f97-d78bf1dd6692

Cortisol Kills Sex Drive

If you were in the middle of a battle with bullets flying everywhere, I promise, you won’t be thinking about sex

You’ll be thinking about survival.

When you’re stressed… even if it’s stress from work or a tough relationship… your body interprets that stress like bullets flying everywhere…

So it releases your survival hormone, cortisol…

As long as cortisol is being released, you won’t have a strong libido. 25

Cortisol Kills Sex Drive.jpg__PID:7d0dab80-c19d-4eef-9f97-d78bf1dd6692

Cortisol Constricts Blood Flow

When cortisol is elevated, it clamps down on your arteries and blood vessels, which constricts blood flow. 26

This is extremely dangerous. It doesn’t only lower energy. It also leads to erectile dysfunction, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and more. 27 28 29 30

Looking more closely at your erections…

Tired Man Work-min (1).jpg__PID:ef525b37-0b90-4c03-bca5-ce80d83e6965

You can’t get “hard” if you don’t have good blood flow… and while “little blue” pills try to treat the symptom (sluggish blood flow)... the real root cause is cortisol…

Clear away that cortisol and blood will rush down to your manhood when you need it.

Since you’re still reading, it tells me you’re experiencing at least a few of the symptoms of chronic cortisol

Your body looks softer. Your erections are weaker. Your energy has dropped. You might even have blood pressure issues.

The biggest mistake you can make is doing little “stress relief” techniques like meditation or deep breathing… 31

That stuff isn’t strong enough to battle all of the factors that drive up stress and cortisol…

Which again… includes aging, inflammation, drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, blue light from screens, getting little sleep, toxins in the air, and so much more…

You’ve Got To Bombard Cortisol And You Need To Do It Fast…

You can’t avoid stress…

Which means your cortisol levels are going to spike day after day…

You’ve Got To Bombard Cortisol And You Need To Do It Fast.jpg__PID:97d78bf1-dd66-42d8-b93d-66af3cce9667

Crushing testosterone, cannibalizing muscle, creating stubborn fat, killing sex drive, and constricting blood flow…

UNLESS you fight back with something POWERFUL enough to drive-down cortisol and put it back in its place.

The good news…

It’s super easy. You don’t need to remove all the stress from your life or even change your diet or sleep more…

Just Grab A Sweet, Chewy Gummy Candy That’s Packed With Ingredients That Are Backed By Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of Human Studies

And you’ll buffer cortisol… and restore erectile function, ramp up testosterone, and you’ll feel invigorated with energy and confidence again.

You’ll suddenly melt belly fat and build muscle like you could when you were in your early 20s and had almost no stress on your plate.

Say goodbye to low libido, fat gain, fatigue… in fact, all the symptoms of high cortisol CAN BE REVERSED…

And you’ll get HARD muscles and woodies again…

You’ll look good naked and have the sexual vigor of a teen. Testosterone will rampage through your body and blood flow will circulate freely all over.

Happy Older Man-min.jpeg__PID:5b370b90-ec03-4ca5-8e80-d83e6965955d

But before I dive into the ingredients that put cortisol back in its place, remember…

The Cortisol Problem Can’t Be Fixed With Testosterone Replacement Prescriptions Or Taking Viagra…

Neither of those lower cortisol…

And both of them come with a massive warning label with side effects ranging from testicular shrinkage to heart attacks to DEATH. Plus…

Using those pharma pills trains your body to rely on those pills.

And tell me…

Do you want to have to take a pill every time she starts tugging at your belt?

Do you want to become dependent on pills to produce testosterone?

If you go down that road, there’s no turning back…

And like I said earlier, everyone agrees that BEFORE you take the plunge on that stuff, you NEED to try the natural ingredients packed inside this gummy.

This Gummy Makes TRT And Little Blue Pills Obsolete…

With ingredients that are the BEST for blasting cortisol and supercharging your hormones and blood flow.

So I understand if you’re skeptical about a gummy…

But it’s not the chewy, sweet, delicious part of the gummy that’ll restore your manhood…

That just makes it super convenient and fun and something you look forward to doing…

It’s the ingredients INSIDE the gummy that can change your life.

Check these out…

Withania Somnifera

  • An Indian herb that lowers cortisol and skyrockets sex drive and testosterone.

It’s an “adaptogen” meaning it helps your body adapt to stress… and limits the amount of cortisol your body produces. Taking this herb is like taking your foot off the brake pedal and slamming on the gas! 32

  • Studies from Upstate Medical University, in Syracuse, NY show withania somnifera powerfully lowers cortisol levels in American men - men with busy schedules, stress at work, hidden stress from environmental toxins and processed food.
Withania Somnifera.jpg__PID:6692d839-3d66-4f3c-8e96-67298a9398f5

Men who took it daily had 56.5% less stress markers than men who took a placebo. 33

  • A study published at the International Society of Sports Nutrition found men who took withania somnifera twice per day saw DOUBLE the gains in bench press and leg extension strength… arm & chest size… and lost 2x as much fat.

They also increased testosterone levels 430%! 34

  • In a study published in Health Science Reports, withania somnifera increased libido and sexual health.

After taking 600 mg daily for 8-weeks, men reported greater sexual arousal, desire, behavior, and orgasm & had a 17% increase in testosterone levels. 35

So step-one is beating the cortisol problem…

And that’s exactly what you’ll do with withania somnifera…

Now that you’ve done that, the next two nutrients will be a massive boost for your T levels, libido, and body composition…

Vitamin D

  • Studies show almost 60% of men are deficient in vitamin D… yet vitamin D is an essential testosterone boosting nutrient! 36
  • A study published in the journal Hormone and Metabolic Research shows men who consume 3000 IUs of vitamin D every day for a year have up to 25% higher testosterone levels than men who don’t. 37
  • Vitamin D boosts muscle regeneration and mitochondrial health... adding more muscle fibers and energy cells to your muscles for bigger and faster gains!

It also lowers oxidative stress (a compound that releases cortisol!) 38

Vitamin D-min.jpg__PID:0b90ec03-7ca5-4e80-983e-6965955d6e04
  • A “get you in the mood” booster! Vitamin D boosts the feel-good chemicals and “connection” hormones in your body… ramping-up your sex drive and making sex even more enjoyable! 39


  • Like vitamin D… more than half of men are low on zinc! A study from Wayne State University School of Medicine shows men low in zinc experience up to a 74% drop in testosteroneYet increasing zinc intake can DOUBLE your T levels! 40
  • Zinc is critical if you workout or work outside because you lose a lot of zinc through sweat. So if you hit the gym or have a labor-intensive job, this is a must! 41
  • Zinc is the “aphrodisiac mineral”! The most potent lover in history, Giacomo Casanova, ate hundreds of oysters per day because they’re rich in zinc, which kept his libido supercharged to satisfy thousands of women… 42

And you can get a potent serving of zinc like Casanova - in a gummy!

  • Nature’s anti-inflammatory! Zinc lowers inflammation (another cause of cortisol) helping to soothe your blood vessels for better circulation, harder erections… it can even boost prostate health! 43

After discovering how those three simple yet powerful ingredients can rescue men from the manhood-ravaging effects of cortisol

I searched for ways to get these ingredients into my routine…

Honestly though, I wanted something simple. I didn’t want to have to count out a bunch of capsules to take. And I didn’t want another powder to drink.

I needed something easy that I could get done in under 5-seconds… and something I’d look forward to doing.

That’s when it hit me… what about a gummy?

I’ve seen some other companies create gummy supplements for creatine and melatonin… so maybe I could use the connections I’ve built through Muscle Monsters to get these ingredients into a gummy too...

So I worked like crazy to get one developed. And after countless hours of work and with the help of my team… we did what seemed absolutely nuts at the time

We Stuffed Withania Somnifera, Vitamin D, And Zinc Into A Gummy - Creating The Ultimate Solution To Beat Cortisol…

And restore hardness to your muscles and woodies… while supercharging energy and confidence…

I was the first one to try these out

I tore open that first bottle so fast… and I started taking one gummy before bed every night. (Though, I like it so much I sometimes take 2 gummies a day)...

The changes were subtle at first. I was sleeping better. Felt better throughout the day. Had more energy in the gym…

After the first week I started getting a tingling “down there” when my wife would give me a kiss on the cheek… then the hardness came roaring back…

I felt incredible and we made up for lost time.

Not long after that I started waking up with morning wood again… the muscle started piling on and some of that fat I was pinching on my sides melted away.

I had huge muscle pumps during my training sessions and my wood kept getting harder and harder.

I was sharp and motivated - all great signs that the ingredients were washing away cortisol… and healthy blood flow was pumping through my veins again…

It was like I all of a sudden had more horsepower. I felt like a beast and was firing on all cylinders EVERYWHERE.

I haven’t stopped since. Wouldn’t dream of it. This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done for my health and sex life.

It’s really this simple and I want YOU to see what it’s all about…

1 Gummy = Hard Muscle & Hard “Wood”...

No more limp noodle… no more relentless fat gain… no more getting swallowed up by stress and torched by cortisol…

This groundbreaking gummy is stuffed with life-changing power…

And can transform you into the best, hardest version of yourself with no extra effort. Stiff, strong erections. Big, ripped muscles. Plus…

A resurgence of energy, crazy strong sex drive… it’s a massive testosterone boost - in a little, yummy gummy!




HARD CANDY is a chewy gummy that’ll harden your muscles and “manhood” by blasting your cortisol levels, boosting testosterone - and supercharging your masculinity from the inside-out.

You’ll be a phenom in the gym. The guy that keeps stacking more weight on the bar. Gets more ripped every day. And has people wondering what the heck you’re “taking”.

Your wife will be shocked when she sees how hard you get in bed. You’ll leave her worn-out, satisfied, and begging for more. Plus…

With the sudden clearing away of blood flow restricting cortisol… fresh, youthful circulation will race “down there” while you sleep…

And you’ll wake up with the hardness of a teenager… and you never know what your partner will want to do with all the extra stiffness and energy you have.

Unscrew The Lid. Pop A Sweet Gummy In Your Mouth. Your Eyes Will Burst Open Because Of How Delicious It Is…

And then the real fun begins… as the withania somnifera, vitamin D, and zinc get to work… pumping-up your manhood and muscles like inflatables.

It’s amazing to think that a “gummy” can do all that…

But just like everything else we do here at Muscle Monsters… HARD CANDY is science-backed.

We discovered the biggest threat to male health and performance - cortisol. Then, we sought out the best cortisol-pummeling ingredient we could find… withania somfinera.

We packed it into a sweet, chewy gummy along with other testosterone surging ingredients… again, proven in hundreds of studies…

We worked with one of the top manufacturers in the world to make sure everything is third-party tested and what you see on the label is what you get in the gummy…

And Here It Is: The Most Fun And Powerful Way To Get HARD!

Don’t do the stuff with the risky side-effects like TRT. Don’t use illegal stuff like steroids. And don’t use weak herbal supplements that are based on outdated science and come in a chalky tablet or horse pill.

This gummy does it all… and it does it BETTER.

Now given everything you’ve discovered on this page… I’m sure you’re wondering how to get your hands on HARD CANDY as fast as possible…

And I wish it were easier to get a hold of…

But it’s actually pretty hard. I haven’t cut any corners with HARD CANDY.

All of our formulas need my stamp of approval or they never see the light of day…

That means they need to be the highest quality with the most effective ingredientsThey need to be in the most powerful dosages too. With that said

Getting the purest form of withania somnifera isn’t as simple as it sounds… and with everything going on in the world, the supply chain can break at any time

Happy Couple Bed-min.jpg__PID:ec037ca5-ce80-483e-a965-955d6e042e74

Meaning even getting ingredients like zinc and vitamin D in their purest forms is harder than ever

Put all that together and HARD CANDY is not easy to produce. The ingredients, because they’re so high quality, are also pretty expensive

Which is why you’ll never find this formula in stores or on Amazon. I want to keep the price as low as possible and the easiest way to do that is to cut out the middleman.

Plus ordering directly from us guarantees you get the freshest batch we’ve got. Now…

Because Of The Pure, High-Quality Ingredients In Our Formula… It Does Take Longer To Restock HARD CANDY When We Run Out…

Fit Couple-min.jpg__PID:7ca5ce80-d83e-4965-955d-6e042e7404c6

Which is why it’s super important that you get as many bottles as you can today.

Word is spreading fast about this. Withania somnifera already has an amazing reputation for boosting testosterone…

And everyone knows zinc and vitamin D as critical nutrients for men (and most men are woefully deficient in them)...

Most guys hate taking these ingredients in pills, powders, or chalky tablets…

But a gummy?

Yeah… this is gonna spread like wildfire once word gets out.

Everyone Will Choose A Gummy Over A Crummy Tablet…

So it won’t be long before HARD CANDY is gone…

But we’re in stock right now and I’ve slashed the price so you can get 6 bottles today and get HARD the easy and fun way.

Before I get to the price…

You’re Probably Wondering How To Get The Best Results With HARD CANDY…

Each serving is 1 simple gummy… just eat one gummy per day and you’re good to go…

(You can safely bump that up to 2 gummies if you want and the results will be even better)...

Each bottle contains 30-days worth of HARD CANDY and will last you a month…

And you’ll notice the biggest testosterone transformation… with harder muscles and woodies… plus boosted daily energy, stamina, and more…

When you continue taking HARD CANDY for 90-days or longerideally at least 180 days.

The benefits of withania somnifera, vitamin D, and zinc compound over time… meaning the longer you take it, the better the results…

That’s because this is a NATURAL male performance enhancer… and natural ingredients like to build-up and build-up…

Creating a snowball effect that just gets better and better.

Jacked Old Man-min.jpeg__PID:ce80d83e-6965-455d-ae04-2e7404c6624d

So while you’ll get great results within the first 30-days…

Brother, by day 90, buckle up because at that point HARD CANDY will have dealt with all the pent-up cortisol that’s been holding you back…

Your testosterone levels will take off like a rocket, your strength and muscle gains will start to really show up… and you’ll have no problem getting “up” in the bedroom…

But man, when you keep taking HARD CANDY for 180 days… making it as much of a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth or putting on your underwear

Everything About Your Physique, Sexual Performance, Energy, And Confidence Will Be Off The Charts…

You’ll hit the gym with a new sense of purpose, actually seeing a big return on the time you invest there…

Your libido will be like it was back in high school… you’ll get hard just thinking about fooling around with your partner


While other guys are struggling with erectile dysfunction and their wives are complaining about what a lazy sack they’ve turned out to be…

Your wife will light up like a Christmas tree when she starts gossiping about all the extra energy and stamina you bring into the bedroom

And now that you’ve cleared out the cortisol that restricts blood flow “down there”... she’ll get really curious… “Hun, have you gotten BIGGER?”

You can thank all the new blood flow for the extra girth…

So yeah…

A 30-Day Supply Of HARD CANDY Is Great… But The 3 Months Supply Is Even Better… And The 6 Months Supply Is The Best Of All Of Them (And Cheapest Too)...


So, what’s the price for this groundbreaking new male “hardness” formula?

I’ve done everything in my power to get HARD CANDY down to the lowest price possible

Normally a bottle of HARD CANDY would cost $129… and again, that’s because of the purity and potency of the ingredients and the innovation behind packing these ingredients into a sweet gummy…

But I want to give YOU a massive discount that’s only available right now through this website.

So think, if someone walked up to you and said, “I want to give you a resurgence of testosterone, muscle, energy, and erections…”

How much would you pay for that?

I’ve known dudes who’d crawl over broken glass or eat a bucket of cockroaches for that… so no doubt they’d fork over $129 per month…

But you won’t pay anywhere near that

On this page you can get a bottle of HARD CANDY for $52… but you’ll get a cheaper per bottle price with the next couple options…

And that’s because studies show when you let these ingredients work their magic for 3 months, 6 months, or longer…

You’ll experience crazy awesome results…

And I want you to feel what it’s like to curb-stomp those high cortisol levels… and start feeling HARD from head to toe again…

So when you order 3 bottles of HARD CANDY you’ll get each bottle for just $47 per bottle…

And when you make the best choice and stock up on 6 bottles while you can… you’ll get each bottle for just $37 per bottle.

That’s like paying $1.23 per gummy which is super cheap…

To put it in perspective, the average cost of Viagra right now is $91 per pill… and TRT can cost almost $10 per day

But unlike Viagra and TRT… HARD CANDY actually fixes the root cause of testosterone and libido issues, which is high cortisol levels…

Plus it doesn’t have a long list of dangerous side effects.

HARD CANDY is safe. Just take 1-2 gummies every single day and it could change your life.

You’ll also get FREE SHIPPING which is another $14.95 wiped off your order.

Grab 6 bottles or whichever amount you prefer…

Finally kick cortisol out of the driver’s seat and turbo-boost your testosterone levels

Shred the love handles and belly fat… melt the “man boob” fat too…

Harden up your arms, abs, chest…

Get your raging erections back and the stamina to go all night…

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Choose The 6 Bottle Discounted Bottles Of HARD CANDY Below




+$14.95 SHIPPING

✔ 3 Free Bonus Books

You Save $62.05

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365-Day Money Back Guarantee

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$129.00 $66.95




✔ 3 Free Bonus Books

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Still Wondering If HARD CANDY Is Right For You?

I totally get it…

A gummy that boosts testosterone, helps you build muscle, and supercharges your sex life… is a new concept. Heck…

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Every day, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of a testosterone time machine, fueled with ingredients that keep you hard and set you apart from 99% of guys.

So… even though HARD CANDY is a brand new concept, there’s plenty of studies to back it up, and millions of guys swear by these ingredients.


So… even though HARD CANDY is a brand new concept, there’s plenty of studies to back it up, and millions of guys swear by these ingredients.

I’ve done everything I can on my end to make it easy to try… knocking down the price, giving you the money back guarantee…

But I can’t pull the trigger for you. If you want to experience everything I’ve laid out on this page, you’ve got to make the choice.

You Can’t Escape Cortisol… Stress Is Everywhere And It’s Not Going Anywhere…

Work, relationships, traffic hour… plus all the additional “hidden” stress from processed foods, poor sleep, environmental toxins in hygiene products, our water supply, and more…

All of that stress tells your body to release cortisol…


And like you learned, when your body releases cortisol, it’s like hitting the brake pedal on your hormones… you can’t produce testosterone…

It also constricts your blood vessels, which doesn’t only shrink your “manhood”, but is deadly for your health…

The good thing about HARD CANDY is it’s the easiest, most enjoyable way to tame the stress and boost testosterone.

Just pop a sweet gummy in your mouth before bed. It’s that easy.

If you do that every night… (and if you want, you can do it in the day too)... cortisol doesn’t stand a chance thanks to the powerful effects of withania somnifera…

You’ll take your foot off the brake and slam on the gas to supercharge your testosterone levels

Get a harder body, harder wood… and restore your performance, power, and purpose as a man.

Imagine Pulling Out A Piece Of HARD CANDY… Enjoying Every Gooey, Sweet Chew That Reminds You Of A Delicious Theater Candy…

And then throwing your girl onto the bed and having tons of fun as the withania somnifera clears away all the cortisol…

And a surge of testosterone-fueled blood flow rushes down to your “manhood” giving you the hardest, stiffest woody she’s enjoyed in a long time.

Think about getting the best sleep of your life because HARD CANDY scrubbed away all the stress and anxiety that would normally keep your eyes peeled open all night…

Waking up after a full night’s sleep like a teenager… fueled with energy and a morning salute bursting through your boxer shorts.

When you hit the gym… all of a sudden the weights go up easier… your muscles get bigger


You dump pounds of cortisol-induced “stress weight” and you’ve done nothing at all except start eating HARD CANDY…

Again, I know it sounds crazy that a single gummy can do all that… but that’s what the science shows… thousands of guys will tell you the same…

But if that weren’t enough to convince you, I’m taking all the risk off your shoulders and putting it on mine with the 90-day money back guarantee.

You’ve got to try this stuff… the first and only candy that’ll get your HARD - everywhere.

All you have to do is choose your package below… I suggest grabbing 6 bottles and taking a gummy in the afternoon and at night… up to you…

Choose The 6 Bottle Discounted Bottles Of HARD CANDY Below




+$14.95 SHIPPING

✔ 3 Free Bonus Books

You Save $62.05

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365-Day Money Back Guarantee

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$129.00 $66.95




✔ 3 Free Bonus Books

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Place your order now before they’re gone and while this page is still available.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I can’t wait to hear how much you love HARD CANDY.

If you have any last minute questions, I’ve answered them below for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hard Candy for?

Hard Candy is for men 40+ who want to feel the power of youthful testosterone levels again.

Just eat one sweet Hard Candy gummy before bed to lower cortisol (the anti-testosterone hormone) and boost testosterone…

And start building muscle and burning fat fast, supercharge your sex drive, and wake up with the energy (maybe even the “wood”) you did in your twenties.

If that sounds like something you want, then Hard Candy is for you.

What are the ingredients inside Hard Candy?

HARD CANDY is packed with 750 mg of the best cortisol-lowering and testosterone-boosting ingredient, withania somnifera…

A proven herb that’s a game changer for men, helping to supercharge your male hormones… and super-boost strength, muscle mass, and fat loss.

Each gummy is also packed with vitamin D to skyrocket your testosterone levels even higher and zinc for teenage-like libido and faster muscle building.

This “candy” will give you harder muscles and harder wood.

How long before I see results?

No guy is exactly alike. You may notice a difference after the first night of taking Hard Candy or it may take a few weeks. Either way…

Studies show the longer you use the ingredients in Hard Candy, the better the results…

So we recommend grabbing 3 or 6 bottles for the biggest savings and results that last.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

That’s very unlikely. The ingredients inside Hard Candy are backed by clinical trials and have helped millions of men squash cortisol levels, boost testosterone, and reclaim the muscle and sex drive most men would kill for…

But if for any reason that’s not the case just send an email to our friendly customer service team within 90-days of your purchase and we’ll issue a full refund.

No questions asked. No hassles. You won’t even have to send the bottles back. This is a rare zero-risk, all-reward opportunity for you to reclaim your manhood.

When will my order arrive?

When you order your supply of Hard Candy today, you can expect your bottles to arrive in the mail 5-7 business days from now.

I’m ready to order! How do I do that again?

Select the amount of bottles you’d like us to send you… I recommend the 6 bottle option, or whichever option works best for you…

Click the “Order Now” button…

Complete the secure checkout form on the following page…

And your bottles of Hard Candy will arrive at your door in just 5-7 business days.

So go ahead and do that now while this limited-time discount is still available and while we still have bottles in stock.

Choose The 6 Bottle Discounted Bottles Of HARD CANDY Below




+$14.95 SHIPPING

✔ 3 Free Bonus Books

You Save $62.05

Order Now

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Secure Transaction

$129.00 $66.95




✔ 3 Free Bonus Books

✔ Free Shipping Included!

You Save $246

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365-Day Money Back Guarantee

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$387.00 $141.00




✔ Largest Discount

✔ 3 Free Bonus Books

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You Save $552

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$774.00 $222.00


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