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Why Men Are Becoming Weaker (And How to Change It!)

In this episode of the Muscle Monsters Podcast, we're talking about the emasculation of men. Over the years, men have become, for the lack of a better term, big pussies. It doesn't, however, have to happen to you. It's time to Man Up!
Do the things in your own life, both the big decisions and moments, and the smaller, daily actions, that will make you tough. Get up earlier than you are now. Do your chores everyday. Keep your house clean. Work hard. Work harder. Set bigger goals. Push yourself. Persist. By God, persist. Don’t you dare quit. Life isn’t a race. It isn’t a quick burst of hard work. It’s long and arduous and often unkind. But you’re a man for fuck’s sake. You’re a man and a warrior and the world needs you to act as such, to live as such, to vote as such, to father as such, and to be as such. ~Chad Howse


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