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You’re reading this article because you want to know how to transform your physique fast… With one simple ingredient. 

And there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s one thing you can add to what you’re already doing that will instantly increase your ability to put on muscle in a hurry—COACHING.

Coaching puts you on the fast track to fitness success for several reasons—and in this article, I’m going to list several reasons for you. But before I do, check out my coaching page HERE. I’ve helped tens of thousands of guys go from skinny to muscular in only a short frame of time. And here’s why… 


When it comes to crafting the physique you crave, accountability is one of the greatest tools in your toolbelt. But unfortunately, most guys are missing out on it altogether—because if we’re honest, most of us would rather “go at it alone” than get a coach. But here’s the deal—a recent study published in Frontiers In Psychology, found that coaching helps clients effectively enhance performance and reach their goals.   

Compliance is the most important aspect of any program. Whether you’re trying to bulk up, get shredded or just live a healthier lifestyle in general—compliance is the skeleton key… And this is where coaches come in. The reason studies conclusively reveal that coaching is effective for helping clients transform their bodies is because fitness coaches help their clients “stick to the plan.” 

Get a coach. Put in work. Get accountability. See success. It’s really that simple to get the physique you desire. 


The fastest way to get from point A to point B is to have a map—or in other words, a strategy for how you’re going to get from one point to the next… That’s exactly what a fitness coach will do for you. 

One of the top benefits of having a coach is that your coach is experienced in formulating a strategy that delivers results in the fastest way possible. It’s that simple. And a good coach has helped hundreds, even thousands of guys achieve the very physique that you’re setting out to achieve yourself—and as a result, has developed a full-proof strategy.

A good strategy always beats “winging it.” And unless you catch lightning in a bottle, a good, tested coaching strategy will carry you lightyears ahead of what you would accomplish by creating your own.

If you’re looking to pack on muscle in the fastest amount of time possible, I’ve helped tens of thousands of guys achieve that very goal. Check out what I have to offer and the testimonials of guys who’ve gone through my personalized coaching program HERE.


Listen—I know you’re tough. And I know that no guy thinks he lives or dies because of a “rah-rah” from his coach… But even the toughest fighters have a guy in their corner, cheering them on. And you need one, too. 

One of the major benefits of having a coach in your corner is that he’s there for you throughout your entire fitness journey (or at least, as long as you’ll have him). And the best coaches make themselves accessible to their clients whenever they need a boost.

When you’re running low on motivation, have tweaked your shoulder, or are having a hard time seeing the silver lining of your fitness dreams becoming a reality when you’re dog-tired, it helps to have a coach cheer you on and remind you of your growth, success, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. The truth is—you can’t put a price on a good corner mate. That’s exactly what a good coach will be for you. 

Now What?  

If you want to transform your physique faster than ever before by making one tweak to what you’re already doing—sign up for fitness coaching with me…

I’d be thrilled for the opportunity to personally help you reach your goals faster than ever so you can show off a body you’re proud of. Check out what I can offer you HERE.And let’s chip away at your goals together. 

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