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The muscle-building world is loaded with supplements…

Which is no surprise. Because we all want to build muscle fast. And the right supplement can give you a leg-up for even faster growth. But there’s a shocking supplement that you may be missing out on that could lead to explosive new growth.

It’s called pine pollen. And it could be a game-changer for you.

Pine Pollen And Testosterone

Pine pollen is a natural herb that’s developed a reputation as “nature’s anabolic steroid.” This rare source of phyto-androgens actually contains testosterone in it. Testosterone is your main muscle building hormone and directly influences how much you can pack onto your frame…

In fact, one study, recorded in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism discovered that a 91% increase in testosterone levels led to a 9.6 increase in lean muscle mass and 16.2% reduction in body fat—independent of exercise.

By adding pine pollen to your supplementation, you can increase your testosterone levels naturally and experience the benefits that come along with a good ole’ T-boost.

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Free Testosterone

Almost 98% of the testosterone running through your veins doesn’t do anything that you hope testosterone will do for you…

Because it’s bound up by a glycoprotein known as sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Think of SHBG like a cowboy that’s riding around and roping up your “free” testosterone levels so that it can’t do anything… So what do you need in order for your testosterone to. Be as effective as possible?

You need more FREE testosterone…

And that’s exactly what you get from pine pollen. According to a pine pollen study conducted by The U.S. National Library of Medicine, one variety of Pine pollen known as Pinus Sylverstis contains 80ng/g of testosterone, 110ng/g of epitestosterone, and 590 ng/g of androstenedione… All of which are “free” testosterone. So when you take a pine pollen supplement, you’re essentially “taking a shot” of testosterone that’ll help you build muscle and burn fat, fast.

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Other Pine Pollen Benefits

Besides increasing testosterone and as a result, your ability to build muscle and burn fat, pine pollen has other impressive benefits that’ll boost your performance in the gym and everywhere else…

Pine pollen is proven to increase testosterone so much that a “mega-dose” practically guarantees that you’ll wake up with “morning wood”—a good sign that your testosterone levels are in great shape.

This super-herb also contains 18 amino acids and is a complete protein source with seven essential amino acids. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals that are advantageous to healthy hormone levels and will keep your body functioning at its best so you get the most out of your workouts.

From brain health to metabolic regulation, pine pollen really “does it all.” And I’ve only just scratched the surface of what it can do for you...

For more pine pollen benefits check this out.

Now What?

Pine pollen is arguably the most powerful herb you can get your hands on to build muscle in a hurry. It boosts testosterone—making your ability to build muscle automatic.

Don’t miss out on adding this unbeatable supplement to your stack today. Grab pine pollen HERE.

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