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Managing your testosterone health is an all day affair…

From rise and shine to hitting the sack, there are certain things you need to do if you want to have a solid day of boosting testosterone.

I call these your testosterone boosting checkpoints…

So what does the perfect testosterone day formula look like?

I’ve got it all plotted out for you.

Wake Up Early

The greatest and most successful men in history have made a point to be up before the sun comes up…

And joining in the greatness of early morning will risers will get your testosterone off to a great start.

Waking up early, though it may seem counter-intuitive to some, decreases stress.

When you wake up early you’re generally more productive, less stressed and so your stress hormone cortisol is lower than it would be had you jumped out of bed at 8:55 shouting, “I’m late!”

Also waking up early gives you time to journal, meditate, read scripture and/or pray, all of which start your day with little stress and a lot to look forward to.

Don’t Eat Yet

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a “checkpoint.”

But in the perfect testosterone day formula, not eating (fasting) in the morning is essential.

There is plenty of research showing that one of the best ways to boost your testosterone levels is to stay out of the kitchen for a while.

A full 16-hour fast from your final meal the night before can boost testosterone levels by 180%.

So start the morning with some black coffee and water, and keep from opening the fridge for a bit.

After 16-Hours, Eat, Take Herbs

Okay, now you can eat…

In the perfect testosterone day formula, you can break your fast at the 16-hour mark so that you get a great anabolic boost in the morning and then you can fuel up for a muscle-building workout.

I also recommend that you take your herbs at this time as well.

Herbs like Tongkat Ali and pine pollen are proven to be natural testosterone boosters.

I recently wrote an article describing the benefits of pine pollen, an herb that actually contains testosterone in it…

You can grab some pine pollen powder here.

Or pine pollen tincture here.


Time to get to the gym.

And the good news is that for the perfect testosterone day formula, you don’t need to spend all day in the gym, as short-term exercise is shown to increase testosterone serum production in men…

While marathon long gym sessions actually reduce increase cortisol levels and reduce testosterone.

Fill your workout with heavy compound movements such as squat, deadlift, bent-over rows and sprints for cardio.

Get in. Give it your all. And get out.

Eat Again

You want to follow your workout with fast digesting proteins like chicken or whey…

Also get fast digesting carbohydrates into the mix like bananas and peaches.

Both of these will aid in muscle recovery.

Building lean muscle mass contributes to healthy testosterone levels…

And the better you recover, the faster your cortisol levels are going to lower after your workout.

So enjoy a decent sized post-workout meal to get the job done.

Win At Something

I’m not going to pretend like you don’t have stuff you have to take care of…

Maybe you have a 9-5…

Maybe you’re your own boss…

Maybe you’re even enjoying retirement.

The bottom line is that the perfect testosterone day formula wouldn’t be complete without you winning at something.

Being successful at something throughout your day boosts testosterone levels.

So, kill it on your work presentation…

Close a deal with a client…

Build a jungle gym for your grandkids.

Just do something, and do it well.

More Food

Keep eating throughout the 8-hour window you have before you start up you fast for the following day…

I recommend locking the refrigerator door at about 7pm.

Eat plenty of fats and gluten free carbohydrates with a moderate amount of protein.

Anabolic Sleep

Sure, sleep comes at the end of the night but it’s the foundation of the perfect testosterone day formula.

You won’t have healthy testosterone levels if you aren’t sleeping well.

So plan your day with an 8-hour sleeping allowance (at least).

If you need some help sleeping and you want to get a solid anabolic advantage from your sleep, I recommend checking Pitch Black: Deep Sleep Formula

Pitch Black is packed with the the top recommended herbs for sleep, and is the common sense recommendation over there for anyone struggling to get long bouts of quality sleep…

The ingredients included in Pitch Black have been proven to improve the amount of REM sleep a person has and improves the depth of the sleep itself.

Because most of your testosterone is produced while you sleep, it could be a great resource to finish your perfect testosterone day off strong, and start the next day even stronger.

Grab some Pitch Black for yourself here.


So there you have it…

The perfect testosterone boosting day formula.

Managing your testosterone health is an all day affair…

But if you follow these checkpoints consistently, you’ll be sure to maintain and even boost your testosterone health, daily.

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