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Your mornings matter.

In fact, your morning routine could make or break your success in the gym.

Which is why it’s vitally important for you to know what you do and why you do it each morning.

So don’t start your morning in a sleepy-eyed daze…

Instead set an agenda to make the most of your mornings.

Need some help?

Here’s the morning guideline to massive muscle growth.

Get More Zzzz’s

The most important part of your morning takes place before the sun comes up…

Well actually, it takes place the night before, but you get the idea.

When your goal is to build muscle, sleep is the most important aspect of your morning…

Without a good quality of sleep you can kiss the gains goodnight.

Here’s what sleep does for you: Boosts your testosterone levels (the more sleep you get, the more testosterone you'll have), repairs muscle, increases energy for your workouts, jump-starts your metabolism, and initiates fat loss.

So if you don’t get a good, quality night of sleep each evening, you can forget about all of the benefits above – plus you’ll can add fatigue, grumpiness, and a general loss of life quality to the list…

Sleep is a must-have in the morning guideline to massive muscle growth.

To get better sleep every night, try my natural deep sleep formula, Pitch Black...

I designed this pre-bed drink to give you a better quality of life in general and the best gains in the gym in specific.

Don’t miss out on the best sleep of your life every day.

Check out Pitch Black here.

Wake Up Early

This step in the morning guideline to massive muscle growth hinges on when you sleep…

But it’s an incredibly important part in its own rite.

See, whether you feel it or not, you have the most energy in the morning…

Your testosterone levels are at their highest point in the day, you haven’t been stressed out by a day of work or unnecessary drama, your mind hasn’t been racing about this or that, and your body has recovered from a good night of rest.

Basically, when you wake up in the morning, your body is ready to do what you want it to do…

Now, I’m not saying that you should jump out of bed and race to the gym (you’ll see why in a second) but I am recommending that you don’t postpone your workout until the afternoon or evening time.

It simply doesn’t put you in the most advantageous position to build muscle.

Go to bed early.

Wake up early.

Once you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll notice a major difference in your energy levels at the gym.

Drink Chaga Coffee

Pouring a warm cup of coffee into your favorite mug is one of the best ways to start your morning…

And it’s an easy pick for the morning guideline to massive muscle growth.

You relax. You caffeinate. You prepare.

But there is one way to make your coffee routine even more beneficial to building muscle.

Add chaga extract to your coffee.


Because a dose of chaga extract can boost your strength in the gym, which of course prepares the way for more muscle growth.

Before chaga became well known around the world, it was quietly passed around as a secret weapon between the Russian Olympic team…

After discovering chaga for himself at the age of 45, Olympic powerlifting champion, Fred Hatfield went on to break a world record by squatting 1014 lbs. at a bodyweight of 220 lbs…

Just MASSIVE, right?

Grab some chaga extract for yourself here to make the most out of your morning cup o’ Joe.

Write Out Your Workout

Wake up early. Grab your chaga coffee, and take out your training journal…

There is no better time to plan your workout than in the morning when you’re sipping on your strength boosting coffee.

Write down the exercises you’re going to perform that day…

Write out your goals…

Look back on your workout from last week and aim for bigger numbers this week.

Like I mention in my free book, Bulk Up Fast (grab your copy here), keeping a workout log is necessary for getting the biggest gains in the shortest amount of time…

Which is why writing out your workout has made it onto the morning guideline to massive muscle growth…

So don’t miss out.

Make it a morning ritual.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

At least eat something small before you head to the gym…

It could be a couple of pieces of fruit, or even a protein shake…

But the bottom line is that if you want to put on some size, you need to be fueled up for your workouts – and not leave any calories on the table.

See, not only does your morning meal give you much needed energy for the gym, but it also adds to your calorie intake for the day…

And if you’re trying to bulk up fast, you need those morning calories to help you reach a caloric surplus by bedtime.

I’ve got meal plans, food lists and all of the tips you need to pack on the most size in the shortest amount of time in my free book, Bulk Up Fast.

Grab your copy here.


It’s finally time…

Get to the gym!

The morning is the best time to get your workout in…

Have you ever had those days where you kept putting off your workout until the afternoon or even early evening?

The more you pushed it off, the less motivated you were to actually get in and do work, right?

You may even recall a few times when you decided to skip your workout because you ended up falling asleep while getting your workout shoes on after work, or saying you’ll “sit down for 5 minutes” that turns into an hour or two.

Guys, that’s no way to head into the gym (if you even make it that far).

Get your workout accomplished in the morning!

When you check out my book, Bulk Up Fast (Get it for free here), you’ll notice that the best workouts for putting on the most muscle in the least amount of time can’t be done at a haphazard speed.

You need as much energy in the tank as possible for your workouts…

So after you’ve completed the rest of your morning guideline to massive muscle growth, get in the gym and throw some weight around.

Next Step

So there you have it…

The morning guideline to massive muscle growth…

Don’t forget to start your day with some chaga extract and end it with my natural deep sleep formula for the best muscle gains of your life!


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