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Joint pain is one of the biggest roadblocks that stands in the way of you making progress in the gym.

And honestly, if you’ve been in the gym for any amount of time, you know that it’s very tricky to avoid. That’s why it’s crucial to find a solid supplement that backs up your joints.

Now— there’s no shortage of options out there. So today, I’m going to take you through the worst and the best joint support ingredients that’ll keep your joints healthy now and for as long as you plan to stay active.

Worst: Glucosamine

If you’ve ever looked through the joint health aisle at the drugstore, you already know about glucosamine.

It’s a supplement derived from shellfish and is often sold as a sure bet for relieving joint pain and improving joint health. However, even though a few studies show that it can provide minor pain relief, some doctors say it gives nothing more than a placebo effect.

Some research also shows that glucosamine can reduce the rate of collagen loss in people that run or participate in other high-impact activities regularly. But even those effects are pretty weak.

The bottom line is glucosamine isn’t nearly as effective as many supplement companies claim.

When push comes to shove, it’s not the most popular joint supplement because it’s the best. It’s just cheap to produce and heavily marketed.

Worst: Type 1 Collagen

Unlike type ll collagen, which trains your immune system to not attack your joints, we have type I collagen. Type I collagen is basically just protein. It’s not specifically geared for joint support.

It’s not even good protein if you want to make gains either. It’s abnormally high in glycine and the UC-II peptide (necessary for joint health) is nowhere to be seen. It doesn’t even provide good levels of BCAAs, glutamine, or sulfur-bearing proteins.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re paying close attention to the type of collagen you’re buying. Hydrolyzed collagen, undenatured type II collagen, and UC-II are the good words to look for; glycine, gelatin, and bone broth are not. Type I collagen does not have research supporting it like Type II does.

But I’ll get into more on the best kind of collagen for your joints in a minute.

Worst: S-adenosylmethionine

S-adenosylmethionine is the only thing in this list that actually works. I’ll show you why it’s in the “worst” category in a minute, but first let me give it some credit.

1,200 milligrams of S-adenosylmethionine daily, over the course of at least one month, is well studied and seems to be comparable to many pharmaceutical pain relievers.

The only real downside to it is that it doesn’t act quickly— even if you were to get it pumped into your body through an IV.

But if that’s your thing, it’s also important to note, it’s crazy expensive… which is why it’s in the “worst” category.

You can expect to spend $80 to buy a month-long supply of 400 mg which is a third of the dose that’s been shown in studies to work. At this price point, and by using 1,200 mg a day, that comes out to spending $10 a day, which in my opinion, is ridiculous.

By comparison, Bullet Proof has five powerhouse ingredients for joint support and it’s $XX for a month supply. It’s much cheaper, and honestly, the ingredients go to work faster and are more effective when combined together than this one.

Best: UC II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen

UC II undenatured type 2 collagen is a specific peptide found in collagen which has beneficial effects on joint health. And it works in a very important way that other joint support ingredients simply don’t address— which is a matter of life and death for your joints.

UC-II is so effective because it retrains “misguided” immune cells so that they don’t attack the collagen in your joints.

Joint pain associated with exercise is thought to be linked to a certain degree of autoimmunity, where your immune cells (called Killer T cells) mistake your own collagen tissue as a foreign “threat” in the body and as a result promotes inflammation in that area to try and kill it.

By orally consuming UC-II, you train your T cells to become familiar with the collagen in your joints so that it stops attacking your joints. As a result, you don’t experience painful inflammation, and your joints are better protected and supported.

This is why I included a clinically effective dose of UC-ll undenatured type 2 collagen in our joint health supplement, Bullet Proof… to keep “friendly fire” from taking place in your joints. Click here

Best: Curcumin (combined with piperine)

Curcumin is the primary compound found in turmeric, the spice most well known for its role in curry. These days it’s become one of the more popular natural joint pain supplements and for good reason. But it must be paired with another ingredient that I’ll tell you about in a minute.

Studies on people with osteoarthritis show that it can reduce feelings of pain and improve mobility. It also reduces muscle damage during exercise which may help reduce muscle soreness the following day by improving the amount of antioxidants in your body.

Curcumin works by reducing two enzymes (COX2 and LOXs) that turn anti-inflammatory signalling molecules into pro-inflammatory ones. We need these enzymes to work a little bit, but when they become too active and cause painful inflammation they need to be suppressed.

And that’s exactly what curcumin does. It reduces the activity of those enzymes that promote excess inflammation.

The catch is that curcumin is very difficult for the body to absorb, unless it’s paired with an ingredient called piperine… which boosts the absorption and activity of curcumin by 2000% according to studies. That’s why we added both curcumin and piperine into our Bullet Proof formula.

Best: Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is a natural yet powerful “super-antioxidant” shown in more than 160 studies to help soothe joint pain for their patients. It’s rich with a unique blend of anti-inflammatory chemicals called polyphenols that are shown to support joint health and soothe joint cartilage.

In a new 2019 study, researchers examined 64 individuals diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee— confirmed by X-ray. Some participants were given pycnogenol while others were given a placebo.

Researchers evaluated osteoarthritis symptoms using a combination of subjective pain survey scales, thermal imagery of affected joints, and the individual capability of walking or standing without pain...

And following three weeks of using pycnogenol… subjects reported significant improvement of their symptoms including:

  • 51% improvement of pain score (vs. 19% in the control group)...
  • 33% improvement of knee function (vs. 16.3% in the control group)...
  • 66% improvement of swelling (vs. 50% in the control group)...
  • 42.4% of subjects reported no osteoarthritis symptoms after treatment (vs. 23.5% in the control group)...
  • 62% of participants reported decreased use of NSAID products (vs. 16% in the control group)...
  • 88% of participants did not need consultations of a specialist (vs. 22% in the control group)...
  • And 91% of participants did not need physiotherapy during the study (vs. 33% in the control group).

The reason it works so well is because the polyphenols in pycnogenol gain control of your body’s “master inflammation switch” and help support anti-inflammatory activity in the body, which, like curcumin, keeps inflammation from going overboard.

Kind of like taming a wild bull.

Plus studies show subjects taking pycnogenol sleep better… have an easier time falling asleep… and don’t wake up with screaming joint pain in the middle of the night.

Pycnogenol is another ingredient we added into our Bullet Proof formula because of its powerful antioxidant abilities.

Next Step

If you want to support and protect your joints now and for years to come so you can stay healthy and push yourself harder in the gym, grabbing the best joint support supplements is going to be key.

Inflammation and misguided Killer T cells are a natural but painful part of the human body that unfortunately cause our joints to self-destruct. So getting the right ingredients into your system is crucial for retraining these different components to function properly.

But here’s the deal…

Trying to get the 3 best ingredients that I mentioned in this article separately would cost you an arm and a leg.

That’s why my team and I struck a deal with our manufacturers and stock-piled these ingredients into our joint support supplement Bullet Proof— which costs much less than if you were to try and get just one or two of these ingredients on their own.

It’s even cheaper than a couple of the “worst” ingredients I mentioned earlier.

Bullet Proof contains UC II undenatured type 2 collagen, curcumin (plus piperine which makes it 2000% more effective) and pycnogenol… plus another proven joint support ingredient called 5-loxin that I didn’t go into detail on for time’s sake.

So your best option today is to grab Bullet Proof for a discounted price that we have going on right now. Your joints will thank you.

Grab your supply of Bullet Proof by clicking here.

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