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Did you know there’s one ingredient backed with a crazy amount of scientific research that says it’ll burn belly fat really fast?

It’s true… and I’ll get to it in just a second. 

But first you need to know this ingredient only works when you use it while fasted. So before I get to this secret fat burning ingredient itself, let me tell you more about fasted training. 

What Is Fasted Training?

Fasted training is one of my favorite ways to train because it helps me stay lean and ripped year-round. All it is, is training on an empty stomach—that means a TRUE empty stomach. 

See, there’s a difference between being hungry and being fasted. You can eat a meal at 6pm and then be hungry, or feel like your stomach is empty a couple hours later. That doesn’t mean you’re fasted, it just means your stomach feels empty. 

However, if you eat a meal at 6pm, and don’t eat your next meal until noon the following day, then you’re in a fasted state. 

So what’s the difference? 

When your body is processing the food you’ve eaten, it’s in a fed state. During this time, your insulin levels are higher than normal. But when your body is finished processing the food you’ve eaten, it enters a fasted state. When this happens, your insulin levels are low… and this is the perfect time to train if you want to lose more fat—and it’s even better when you add the ingredient I’m about to share with you. 

Research shows that exercising in a fasted state increases fat lipolysis and fat oxidation, which is a fancy way of saying that your body breaks down fat cells for energy instead of sugar. 

But not only that, one study also found that fasted training increases blood flow in the abdominal region, which means that you’ll burn more stomach fat so you can show off a ripped core faster than ever before. 

And on top of all that… if you mix this ONE ingredient into some water, and drink it up while you’re fasted… you’ll accelerate the fat burning results even further. So what is this ingredient? Let’s take a look.

What Is Yohimbine?

Taken from the bark of trees in Africa, Yohimbine has tons of scientific research supporting it’s fat burning power when used while fasted… 

For instance, a study published in Research in Sports Medicine found that Yohimbine increases the amount of fat that’s released from your fat cells during fasted exercise.

In fact, another study confirms taking Yohimbine doubled the amount of fat loss in those who took it. Here’s how:

Every fat cell has two kinds of receptors. Beta-receptors and Alpha-receptors. Beta-receptors cause your body to burn fat while Alpha-receptors cause your body to store fat. But what’s so impressive about Yohimbine is that it doesn’t only help you burn more fat… it also blocks alpha-receptors so that your body doesn’t store fat!

Now What? 

The next step is obvious. If you want to burn fat, get lean and stay ripped year round, you need to pair fasted training with Yohimbine… 

But listen… 

I’ve got something better for you just a dose of Yohimbine, that’ll do more for your physique than only Yohimbine ever could. It’s called BLAST OFF. And it’s a brand new supplement I’ve created to help you lean down while hanging onto all of your hard-earned muscle mass. 

Yes, it contains a dose of Yohimbine so you’ll get all the amazing benefits I mentioned above. But that’s not all. I’ve also included natural ingredients that’ll make you stronger, more energized, build more muscle, and skyrocket your testosterone levels… which will lead to even more belly fat loss. 

So here’s your next step:

Click THIS LINK and check out BLAST OFF today. You’ll be glad you did. 

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