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One of the biggest buzz-kills to an active, healthy life is joint pain.

And it’s never more of a buzz-kill than when you walk into the gym expecting to have a great workout… and then all of a sudden in the middle of a set that slow burn feeling starts to creep up in your joints.

Maybe it’s your shoulders during a bench press…

Your knees during a squat…

Wrists during bicep curls…

Wherever it is, joint pain slows you down big time and keeps you from making the kind of gains you’re training so hard for.

That’s why in this article I’m going to get down to the real cause of joint issues, the little-known cure that’s likely something you haven’t heard of before, and how you can prevent and end your own battle with joint pain.

The Cause

There’s been a lot of speculation over the years on what the true cause of joint pain is.

But recently researchers from Harvard University have discovered there’s a certain “cannibal immune cell” (Killer T cells) that eats away at the cartilage in your joints and causes the joint pain associated with exercise and challenging activity.

Here’s how it works:

Every time you workout or push yourself in any activity, there’s going to be natural inflammation. When inflammation occurs, it sounds an alarm in the body to your Killer T cells. Your Killer T cells then begin searching the body for some sort of “foreign threat” that may be causing the inflammation.

But this is where the miscommunication comes in.

Your cartilage goes through small wear and tear over time. As a result, small strands of collagen lying beneath the cartilage becomes exposed. And because these strands of collagen have been “in hiding” your Killer T cells have never seen them before, don’t recognize them, and now think they’re a threat to your health.

So the Killer T cells do what they are wired to do. They bombard the “threat” with toxic chemicals to destroy it. When that happens, these Killer T cells eat away at the collagen that lubricates and protects your joints.

The Cure

Researchers from Harvard found the new cure for joint pain after studying the lives of our ancient ancestors. The reason is because they had diets rich in a rare ingredient that rewires Killer T cells so they don’t attack your joints.

This ingredient is called UC II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen, which is an ancient form of collagen that’ll help you beat joint pain today. And research suggests this is the only kind of collagen that has any real effects on joint pain.

Type 2 Collagen is the kind of collagen that makes up your joints cartilage. “Undenatured” means there is no alteration to the collagen, which means it’s the closest thing we have to what our ancient ancestors used to eat to keep their joints healthy even though they were far more active than we are today.

One study from the University of Nebraska found this specific form of collagen can help combat the mobilization of Killer T cells into the joints. And a follow-up study from Harvard University, who tested the effects of UC II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen on subjects with severe chronic joint pain, found those who were given this joint-specific supplement, experienced a significant decrease in swollen and painful joints compared to the placebo. And 14% of the subjects had a complete remission of joint pain.

Going back to how UC II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen rewires your Killer T cells…

Do you remember the Killer T cells I mentioned earlier that confuse exposed type II collagen in the joints as a threat and attack them because of it? Well— when you introduce UC II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen into the body on a regular basis, it helps Killer T cells “get familiar” with collagen as a normal part of the body because it is.

This way, when your “alarm” goes off… and Killer T cells search your body for a threat…

They don’t mistake type 2 collagen as the problem anymore… and leave your joints alone. And just like that, no more joint pain.

Now What?

After going through my share of joint pain over the years, the team over here at Muscle Monsters set out to create a joint support formula that actually works.

And after discovering the new research about Killer T cells, joint pain, and how UC II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen is the only proven ingredient shown to retrain Killer T cells so they don’t attack the collagen in your joints, we knew we had to come out with a supplement that can prevent and put a stop to joint pain for good.

That’s why we created Bullet Proof.

Bullet Proof is our new joint support formula that’s formulated with UC II Undenatured Type 2 Collagen and a host of other ingredients proven to support joint health so you can push harder in the gym, stay active at any age, and quit being held back by aches and pains.

If you want to support and protect your joints, check out Bullet Proof for yourself by clicking here.

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