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So when it comes to building muscle, you’re doing all of the right things, right?

You’re hitting the gym several times a week…

Progressively pushing yourself and putting heavier weight on the bar…

You’re eating at a caloric surplus…

And you’re getting good quality anabolic sleep each night…

But you’re still missing something.

Something important.

A probiotic.

Probiotics build muscle and here’s how.

More Energy

Your metabolism and your energy levels go hand in hand...

And if your metabolism isn’t working like it should, you’ll feel sluggish, bloated and probably less motivated in the gym as a result.

Which is where probiotics come into play.

Probiotics are one of the best ways to get your metabolism going.

They’re a form of good bacteria that shuffle food through your digestive system and quickly break down that food for better energy use.

Also, a recent study confirmed that probiotics interact with other bacteria (that would otherwise be ineffective in creating energy) in your gut in order to ramp up your metabolism and give you more energy.

Bottom Line: Probiotics build muscle by ramping up your metabolism so that you have more energy for a muscle-building workout.

I recommend taking a pre-workout probiotic that will quickly break down the carbs, fats, and proteins you eat before your workout and will use those calories for quick energy in the gym.

Faster Muscle Growth

Muscle growth partly takes place in your gut…

powerful shouldersSee, if your gut isn’t healthy (full of good bacteria) your body won’t absorb necessary nutrients and amino acids as efficiently as they could…

Which will stunt muscle growth as a result.

But when you supplement a good probiotic everyday, your digestive enzymes break down your food faster so that you muscle fibers get fed – particularly through amino acid absorption…

For instance, probiotic strains found in P3-OM probiotic will improve your absorption of glutamine by 116%, ornithine by 100%, tryptophan by 100%, and citrulline by 128%, leucine by 23%, isoleucine by 20% and valine by 7%.

And the better amino absorption you have, the better anabolic benefits you’ll see.

Bottom Line: Probiotics build muscle by making protein ready and available to help your muscles grow quickly.

Faster Recovery

When you go all out in the gym, you know the (good) repercussions could feel like a day or two of muscle soreness…

But probiotics help your muscles to recover quickly so that you’ll be ready get back to it.

when is the best time to workout

This benefit harkens back to amino acid absorption…

Because probiotics increase the availability of amino acids by cleaning out your gut, these amino acids are now in better position to repair muscle cells and rejuvenate broken down muscle fibers.

Bottom Line: Probiotics build muscle by making protein ready and available to help your muscles recover quickly after workouts.

Better Testosterone

Guys, when it comes to building better testosterone, probiotics do work…

See, your testosterone is in a constant battle with it’s arch-nemesis, cortisol.

When your cortisol increases, your testosterone decreases, and vice versa.

And even though cortisol is necessary sometimes (like when you’re trying to squat 400 pounds), it’s downright deadly if it’s hanging around all the time.

But probiotics help to reduce the amount of cortisol your body produces in a 24-hour cycle so that it doesn’t keep your testosterone levels down for the count.

And as a side-note for the effects a good probiotic can have on your testosterone, the results of this fascinating rat study. No matter what diet the rats were on, the results were the same:

The probiotic:

  • Prevented age-related shrinkage
  • Increased testicle size by a significant amount
  • Increased testicular weight
  • Increased testosterone levels by a significant amount
  • Increased social domination compared to the controlled group
  • Increased sperm production and performance
  • Increase luteinizing hormone, a precursor to testosterone

Bottom Line: Probiotics build muscle by increasing your anabolic hormone testosterone, which will benefit your life in more places than just the gym.

Your Next Step

Your gut and your muscle building glory go hand in hand.

If you want to take your physique to a new level, try something new: A good probiotic.

And of course I’ve got a recommendation for you.

I suggest trying out P3-OM.

P3-OM contains a digestive enzyme known as proteases, one of the most effective enzymes for breaking down amino acids that you can find so that you get all of the benefits mentioned above and more.

Probiotics are important.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grab the best HERE.

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