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Fasting is becoming a popular way of burning fat and getting in shape these days. 

In fact, it’s one of my favorite ways to stay lean all year long… 

But there’s one major problem with fasted training… Studies have shown that even though it increases fat loss, it also causes muscle loss. 



Well, one study from the Neuromuscular Research Center in Finland discovered that training fasted, and continuing to fast after you train makes it harder for your muscles to recover after your workout. And in search for fuel, your body becomes catabolic and starts eating away at muscle tissue…

But before you decide fasting isn’t for you, you need to know there’s a way to train fasted without losing any muscle… in fact, with a specific group of ingredients that I’ll share with you on a second, you’ll be able to add muscle and strength in the gym—without breaking your fast.

But first, you’re probably wondering why training fasted matters.

Why Should I Train Fasted? 

Scientifically speaking, training fasted has tons of benefits for guys like you and me… which is why I’ve personally adapted fasting into my everyday life. 

First, studies have shown that a simple 16/8 fasting protocol (16-hours fasting, 8-hours feasting) increases testosterone by 180% and also boosts Leydig cell production (a baby form of testosterone) 67%. And not only that. Another study from the University of Virginia found that one 24-hour fast can increase growth hormone by 2,000%!

Because testosterone and growth hormone are your body’s #1 anabolic (muscle-building) ingredients, the more you have, the better. And intermittent fasting gives you boatloads more of it. 

Along with that testosterone boost, intermittent fasting has also been shown to lower inflammation in the body. This is important because inflammation causes cortisol levels to increase in your body. Cortisol is like kryptonite for testosterone. When your cortisol levels increase, your testosterone levels decrease, which means you lose muscle and gain fat. But fasting prevents that by reducing inflammation. 

A study from Baylor University found that intermittent fasting increases metabolism and helps you burn more fat than you ever could without it. And a study from the University of Denmark discovered that when you train fasted, your body targets belly fat specifically to help you get that 6-pack you’ve always wanted. 

The bottom line here is that fasting has incredible benefits for you as a guy. And really, I’ve only scratched the surface of all the research that says it could be the BEST thing you can do for your health. 

So you want to train fasted so you can unlock all of these benefits. But, you also don’t want to risk losing muscle along the way. So what should you do?

The Power Of HMB

You want to get all the perks of fasting… but you don’t want to risk losing muscle because fasted training has been shown to cause muscle loss. 

I found this out the hard way…  

Which is why I went ahead and created a pre-workout supplement that doesn’t break your fast (zero calories), yet it also contains ingredients proven to accelerate fat loss, boost testosterone and protect you from muscle loss. 

One of the ingredients—called HMB—works like a muscle defense shield and has been scientifically proven to prevent muscle loss. And other studies have shown it can even help you build MORE muscle. 

A study published in the Journal of Physiology found that HMB is better at preventing muscle loss than if you were to take an amino acid supplement—which is a big deal because amino acids have been a “go to” pre-workout for a long time. But now, HMB is proven to have a much better effect on muscle development than even amino acids.

Another study from Tampa University found those who took HMB increase muscle mass by 16.3 lbs. in 12-weeks and lost 6.6% body fat while they were at it. And another study found it increased testosterone by a whopping 162%!

Now What?

Don’t give up on training fasted. There are too many benefits to fasting that you don’t want to miss out on.

Instead, keep training fasted while using a supplement that doesn’t break your fast to protect muscle growth and boost your performance in the gym. And hey, I’ve spent the last several months formulating a pre-workout supplement that’ll do just that… 

And I’m pumped for you to check it out.

It’s called BLAST OFF and not only is it a zero-calorie pre-workout (so it won’t break your fast), but it also contains the natural HMB ingredient I mentioned a moment ago, along with other high-powered natural ingredients like Yohimbine, L-Citrulline and 3 others.
I’ve just release BLAST OFF. So don’t wait any longer to grab this pre-workout. Check it out for yourself HERE.

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