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When most guys talk about boosting testosterone, the conversation consists of diet and exercise…

And there’s good reason for that…

Because diet and exercise are essential elements of tough testosterone levels.

But there are other ways to boost testosterone…

Ways that are simple and a sure thing, and don’t involve diet or exercise.

Here are 5 of them.

Sleep Better

Even though diet and exercise are the most talked about ways to boost testosterone, sleep is more important than either of them…

You won’t build your testosterone levels unless you sleep longer and better.

In fact studies have shown a direct correlation between the amount of time you sleep and the amount of testosterone you have.

In one comprehensive study, men who slept 4.5 hours a night clocked in about 250ng/dl of testosterone while those who slept 8 hours added almost 400ng/dl to that number, which makes sense figuring that most of your testosterone is produced while you sleep…

If you need help getting some better shut-eye, I recommend checking out the Pitch Black Deep Sleep Formula

It's packed with the top recommend sleep herbs, all which have been used for hundreds of years to increase both sleep length and quality, and as a result, boost testosterone levels.

Check out Pitch Black for yourself here.

Cold Showers

Cold showers are fast and effective ways to boost testosterone levels – fast because you won’t want to hang out in the shower for very long when the water is freezing cold, effective because, well, it works.

Have you ever noticed that your balls always hang lower in warmer weather?

That’s because they’re trying to get out of the heat.

A cold shower is optimal for testosterone production because, according to this study and others, all functions of your gonads work better when they’re cooler.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen?”

Well, your balls can’t take the heat, so do them a favor and get them out of those hot as hell showers.

A cold shower will wake you up, boost your T, and you won’t waste unnecessary time in the shower, either.

Win At Something

Winning boosts testosterone

It’s an undisputed fact…

But winning doesn’t always mean competing against another person and coming out on top…

Winning at something is more of a mindset than anything else…

It could mean that you fix a busted pipe in your house…

It could mean that you successfully help your neighbor saw down and haul off trees in his hard…

It could absolutely mean beating someone in a competition of sorts, too.

Simply look at more daily situations as opportunities for success and win at them.

Have Fun In The Sun

If you like to spend time outside, this is one of the easiest ways to boost testosterone without diet and exercise.

Vitamin D is an essential testosterone-boosting nutrient.

And sunlight provides plenty of it.

One recent study explored the testosterone levels of 2,299 men over the course of a year and discovered that testosterone levels followed a seasonal pattern – peaking in the warmer months and falling in the winter months, drawing a clear link between sun exposure and testosterone levels.

Research also suggests that early morning sunlight exposure increases luteinizing hormone, a precursor to testosterone, by almost 70%.

So whether you’re spending time with your family, or you feel like killing two birds with one stone during your workout, spend more time in the sun to boost testosterone.

Pine Pollen

I’ve written about pine pollen at length here.

And I’ve added it to this list of ways to boost testosterone without diet and exercise because pine pollen simply works to boost T-levels.

Why is this herb so effective?

Because it contains actual testosterone in it so that when you take pine pollen supplementation your T-count naturally increases…

Which, if you have any doubts, is made qualitatively clear by the morning wood you’ll wake up with when you take it…

And with plenty of quantitative research to back it up.

For an immediate testosterone-boosting impact, check out pine pollen tincture.

You simply hold the pine pollen under your tongue for a few seconds and it immediately works its magic in your bloodstream.

If you aren’t a tincture guy, check out pine pollen powder.

You can mix it in water, tea or even with your morning coffee to give yourself a morning and evening testosterone boost.

Men, diet and exercise are important for boosting your testosterone levels…

But they aren’t the only ways to get the job done.

Add these 5 ways to boost testosterone into your daily routine and give yourself that extra surge of T that you’ve been looking for.

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