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Men, high testosterone levels aren’t optional if you want to perform optimally.

If you’re going to build-muscle, perform in bed, and enjoy a high quality of life, your testosterone needs to be on point…

It’s just the way you’re wired.

But even though boosting testosterone takes some effort, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, there are a several ways you can boost your testosterone.

And I’ve got 3 of them for you today.

Here are 3 strange (but simple) ways to boost testosterone naturally.

Cold Showers

Cold showers are a fast and effective way to boost testosterone naturally

Fast because well, you probably don’t want to spend more than a few minutes freezing your balls off, and effective because it actually works.

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever noticed that your balls hang a little bit lower in a warm shower than say, an ice bath?

That’s because they don’t like being hot.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the hot tub,” right?

That’s exactly what your testes are trying to do, but of course, they can only get so far...

According to this study, your testes actually perform better when they’re cold than when they’re hot.

And according to a more recent study, men who refrained from hot baths saw their sperm count increase by 431% after formerly taking one 30-minute hot bath a week...

So the bottom line is that warm showers are actually testosterone killers, but cold ones keep your boys working at their best.

So next time you hop in the shower, keep the knob pointed to the “C”.


Of all the ways to boost testosterone naturally, this is probably one of the easiest…

Repent of your Dracula-like ways and get out in the sun more.

Vitamin D is a necessary nutrient for boosting testosterone levels and the best source of it is sunlight.

recent study explored the testosterone levels of 2,299 men over the course of a year and discovered that testosterone levels followed a seasonal pattern – peaking in the summer months and falling in the winter months…

Which could be a large part of why many men suffer with depression during the colder months – there’s less sunlight and less opportunity to go out in the sun, which means less testosterone and as a result, more mood imbalances.

Research also suggests that early morning sunlight exposure increases luteinizing hormone, a precursor to testosterone, by almost 70%…

So here are some options for you to get this added testosterone-booster into your day-to-day life:

Do sprints outside once or twice a week as a part of your workout.

Help your neighbors out by mowing their lawn.

Do some yard work or even start growing your own testosterone-boosting vegetable garden…

Hey, your wife might even think it’s hot, which will make the extra sunny testosterone boost worth it when it’s time to head back into the house.

Pine Pollen

Of the 3 ways to boost testosterone naturally on this list, pine pollen is the one that I’d call a “no-brainer.”

Pine pollen is an herb that boosts testosterone because it actually contains testosterone in it…

Not a cheap substitute…

It contains the actual anabolic hormone that flows through your bloodstream…

So essentially, when you take pine pollen, you take testosterone.

According to this Pine pollen testosterone study conducted by The U.S. National Library of Medicine, one variety of Pine pollen known as Pinus Sylverstis contains 80ng/g of testosterone, 110ng/g of epitestosterone, and 590 ng/g of androstenedione…

A potent enough product to make an immediate impact on your T-count.

Pine pollen has gotten the nod as the best herb to boost testosterone naturally so I highly recommend giving it a try for yourself.

You can get pine pollen powder here and mix it with water, tea, or even your coffee to give your morning cup o ‘Joe an anabolic boost.

Or you can get the pine pollen tincture here. The pine pollen tincture is the best way to get this natural testosterone boost into your bloodstream almost immediately. Just place it under your tongue for a few seconds and you’ll reap the anabolic benefits soon after.

Your Next Step

Men, you need high testosterone levels if you’re going to perform at your best in every area of your life – from the workplace to your home, from the gym to the bedroom.

Put these 3 ways of boosting testosterone to good use, to quickly and easily take your T-count to another level.

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