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3 Productivity Tips That Guarantee Success In Business

The beginning stages of a business are not only the most crucial, but they require the most grit and persistence. Unless you've already got funding, starting a business from the group up can be, for lack of a better term, fucking brutal. With that said, in this episode of the Muscle Monsters Podcast I want to go over 3 productivity tips that will almost guarantee success in any endeavor. They're the same strategies that allowed me to quit my job and work for myself, full time; and the same strategies that I use to this day, years later.

3 Productivity Tips That Guarantee Success In Business

1. Find Your Most Productive Time and Be Relentless: Everyone has a point in the day where they're most effective. Find what time that is for you and make sure you're working on your most important tasks during it. This will not only guarantee that you're putting your best foot forward, but it also ensure that you're getting the most important part of your work done.

2. Man The Fuck Up: If you want to be successful, you're going to have to do things you don't enjoy - especially in the beginning. Stop focusing on how you feel at the moment and start focusing on the outcome instead.

Boys do what they want to do, Men do what they have to do. ~Norm Parker

3. Focus On The One Thing: In every business, there should be a main focus. This is the one thing that is going to get you where you want to go, the fastest. Each day, block out 4 distraction-free hours where you focus solely on this task. 4 hours in one day may not seem like much, but do that for 3-6 months and it'll change your life.


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