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The key to building more muscle is this:

Get stronger.

As long as your numbers are going up in the gym, you can rest assured that you’re adding slabs of lean mass to your frame. So in this article I’m going to give you 3 “hacks” to explode your strength gains so you can pack on muscle faster than ever before. 

Increase Calorie Intake

You can’t get stronger in the gym if you aren’t eating at a caloric surplus. 

All eating at a caloric surplus means is that you eat more calories every day than you burn every day… 

Whether that’s 100 more calories than you burn or 500 more calories than you burn, the key to increasing strength is increasing calorie intake. 

This is true for a couple of reasons… 

First, you need think of calories as energy. If you walk into the gym with plenty of energy, you’ll have more energy to help you push more weight. 

If you’ve ever paid attention to the different training practices of bodybuilders, you know this same concept is true. When they’re in “the offseason”, they eat at a caloric surplus and lift heavier weights than they do in the weeks before they step on stage. As their competition gets closer, and they try to lean down, they’ll eat less calories than they burn and lift less weight because of it. 

The second reason you want to increase calorie intake to build strength and muscle is because eating at a caloric surplus increases testosterone levels. Testosterone is the chief male hormone that’s in charge of getting you stronger, leaner and more energized, so the more testosterone you have pulsing through your veins, the easier it’ll be to get stronger and build muscle as a result. 

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Get Better Sleep 

Sleep is the key ingredient to getting stronger and building muscle. 

Think about it. You’re going to feel a whole lot better strutting into the gym after 8-hours of sleep than you will on just 4-hours of sleep. So any time your goal is to lift heavier weight in the gym and build muscle, you want to get as much rest as possible. 

Plus, sleep is the prime time for when your body produces testosterone—the important strength and muscle building hormone that I mentioned earlier. The longer and deeper you sleep, the higher your testosterone levels will be in the morning. And the higher your testosterone levels, the stronger and more muscular you’ll be. 

Unfortunately, most guys don’t make sleep a priority. But the fact is, if you want to transform your physique, you’ve got to make a habit of getting a great sleep each night. 

That’s why I created PITCH BLACK… a testosterone-boosting sleep supplement that helps you sleep like a baby every night and maximizes every hour of sleep so that it works to make you bigger and stronger… (even if you only get 4 hours of sleep some nights)

Click HERE to check out PITCH BLACK for yourself. I guarantee you’ll sleep better than ever before.  


After eating at a caloric surplus and getting a great night’s sleep, there’s still more you can do to get stronger in the gym… 

Because there are a few solid natural supplements out there that can give the extra edge you need to take your strength to the next level. 

First is Beta Alanine. One study done at the College of New Jersey found that Beta Alanine helped a group of men lift an average of 22% more reps, and 18% more total weight than guys on a placebo. And it raises your “fatigue threshold” so that your muscles have more energy when you train, and you can lift more weight.

My second supplement recommendation is Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine Monohydrate is the most researched and professionally used supplement out there. Scientists agree it’s the “go to” for getting more energy, muscle and strength in the gym. And it also increases something called “cell volumization” in the muscle… which means Creatine fills your muscles with water and increases their size so you get “swole” faster. 

Next is LCLT. L-Carnitine is what I like to call a testosterone “utilizer”. See, you have a certain amount of “testosterone receptors” in your muscles… especially in your upper body. These receptors are “binding sites” where testosterone meets the muscle. When you supplement with L-Carnitine L-Tartrate you increase the amount of binding sites you have in your muscles, so when you train, they increase in size and density faster. Plus, as a bonus, LCLT gives you a massive pump in the gym. 

My last supplement recommendation is called Betaine. Betaine has been shown in studies to increase muscle and burn fat at the very same time. And another study from the University of Connecticut found Betaine can increase strength by a whopping 25% and power output by 20%. Think about that. If you bench 200 lbs. you can bump that number up to 250 lbs. just by adding Betaine to your supplement stack. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the supplements I mentioned above. There wickedly effective and will take your strength, physique and performance to the next level. And guess what… 

I’ve combined all four of these ingredients into one brand new supplement that’ll take your gains to the next level. It’s called MAXED OUT. And it has Beta Alanine, Creatine Monohydrate, LCLT and Betaine all combined into one powerful dose you can take every morning. 

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Now What? 

If you want to explode your strength gains and build muscle, you need to do three things: eat at a caloric surplus, sleep better, and try your hand at the best natural supplements out there

When you get those hacks nailed down, you’re sure to chisel out a ripped physique in no time. 

And before you get after it, don’t forget to check out my brand-new supplement that builds muscle 57% faster, makes you 42% stronger and boosts testosterone 110% called MAXED OUT.

It’ll take your gains to the next level. Check it out HERE. 

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